About me

Hi, I’m Masa!

I lead Engineering at Parloa. We enable companies to provide better customer service by automating contact centers with conversational AI.

Prior, I worked at Forto as part of the senior engineering leadership team building digital logistics solutions. My journey started as the 3rd engineer before we made any revenue. When I phased out after six years, the engineering team was +100 engineers strong and Forto valued at +2 billion dollars. My journey from an individual contributor to a manager of managers was full of learnings. I am sharing them to support (aspiring) engineering managers with their growth.

Developing iOS apps during my computer science studies at the Technical University of Munich gave me great joy. Making Simon Pierro the #1 iPad Magician and stretching the bounds of what people have seen was a miraculous experience (youtube/iosmagic). This was followed by an internship at Spotify, where I enjoyed the Stockholm summer while releasing the "New Music Tuesday" feature reaching millions of users globally.

Sports have always been a huge part of my life. I couldn't get enough of football and I've 20 years of Judo under my (black) belt. The ability to endure and overcome physical limits gave me the strength and confidence to keep up in life and at work. Understanding that boundaries are set in my mind helped me to unlock more in myself. Recently I started focusing on running my first marathon.

I write about leadership, management and health in tech.